Hi all,

I'm just uploading a new 5.x package set.  This run was better than
the previous (5364 packages vs. 5123 for the last run, but far fewer
than the 5973 packages which are building in 4.x), but there were
still a number of significant failures: qt2 is still failing so kde
doesn't build, and some of the gnome components also failed.

Any porters who have some spare time, please visit


and fix some ports; there are still a LOT of compile failures due to
things like <malloc.h> and ports which have not been fixed to work
with XFree86-4.

It's quite possible that some of the build failures are still spurious
and caused by problems with the cluster, so please let me know of any
"weird" failures which you think should not have happened.

We have a developer preview snapshot coming up in a few weeks, so it's
important that we get as many packages building as possible.  Thanks
in advance for your help.


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