On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, ozan s. yigit wrote:

> > Add the -ffloat-store flag to your compilation flags (or
> > add -msoft-float).
> that really means for this compiler on certain platforms, you
> can have slow and correct or fast and incorrect, but NOT fast
> and correct.

I think fast and correct is impossible on i386's.  "Correct"
requires assignments and casts to discard any extra precision,
and the fastest way to implement this is probably to store to
memory and reload.  The -ffloat-store kludge only does a subset
of the necessary conversions.  Doing them all would be slower
and correct, which is why gcc doesn't do them.  C90 can be read
as permitting this incorrectness, but C99 doesn't permit it.


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