As part of the release documentation for 5.0 DP1, we would like to
provide a comprehensive testing guide.  If you have code in -CURRENT
that you would like to receive feedback on from the developer preview,
then please submit a short email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the following:

    1.  A brief description of the new functionality to be tested.

    2.  A list of known issues / bugs.

    3.  Instructions for users who wish to help test the feature.

  If required, we can add test programs or additional patches to a
separate directory of the ISO image and FTP install directory.

  This is somewhat analogous to the 4.5 Testing Guide,, but our focus is
slightly different.

  Please send submissions to [EMAIL PROTECTED] before Wednesday March 20.
We would like to allow enough time for translation teams to do their
work, so the earlier the better.


    - The Release Engineering Team

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