Doug Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> 1. phk malloc debugging flags enabled by default. Solutions include
> recompiling apps, and toggling things off in /etc/malloc.conf.

No recompiling needed; if you don't like the default options, just

# ln -s aj /etc/malloc.conf

> 2. pam modules break backwards compatibility with pam apps compiled on
> RELENG_4. The only solution I've been offered is to recompile things (or,
> my preferred solution, don't use pam).

Wrong.  PAM modules are now versioned, and old (unversioned) modules
will not be clobbered.  We might want to put the old libpam and
modules in COMPAT_4X though.

> 3. xconsole causes periodic panics. The problem (according to BDE) is "a
> well-know bug in printf(9)," caused by "The TIOCCONS ioctl ... panics when
> printf() is called while sched_lock is held." I reported this bug in
> October 2001, if anyone wants to look through the archives.

Ages-old, very difficult to fix.  Just don't use xconsole.

Dag-Erling Smorgrav - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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