On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 05:26:37PM -0500, Kenneth Culver wrote:
> > > At the risk of being yelled at, I have a question: Why do we still need to
> > > support a.out? I know that a lot of people MIGHT still have some a.out
> > Rather than offer $0.02, send the patch.
> Well, I was just asking if it is necessary, I'd make a patch if there was
> interest. My mail was asking if there is interest.

We aren't changing this for GCC 2.95 in 5-CURRENT.  PEROID.  There is
zero reason for subjecting users to this ABI change for what would be

If you want to do something productive, submit patches that Bmake GCC 3.1
(which move us to Dwarf2 unwinding as a product).


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