Thanks for your cooperation in keeping -CURRENT relatively stable
over the past week.  Due to a request from the CVS administrators, we
are performing the code branch in the Perforce depot under
//depot/releng/5_dp1/.  Commits to this Perforce branch require re@

  This is not going to be a supported branch.  It is solely a work
area for the release engineers to tweak the release documentation,
back out recent problematic changes, merge in a conservative set of
new changes, and otherwise perform quality assurance work.  Our two
primary goals in all of this are (1) to provide a usable preview of
the 5.0-CURRENT code, and (2) to minimize the impact on -CURRENT
developers.  After evaluating several different options, using
Perforce was deemed the best tool for the job.


   The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team

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