At 8:35 AM -0800 3/17/02, David O'Brien wrote:
>My earlier concerns about the use of Perforce were when a developers
>expected other developers to use Perforce for _shared_ development.
>Or that tried to claim that their code was "published" if it was
>in the Perforce depot on Freefall.

Exactly my concerns, too.

>In this use of Perforce for a -CURRENT snapshot; I don't see how
>people can bitch and bitch about it.  No committer or developer
>has EVER had CVS "access" or "sight" of the source used in previous
>snapshot CDROMs.  So people are loosing nothing.  Perforce is just
>a tool to assist Murray and Co. in making this snapshot CD.

I agree completely.  I have no concerns about them using perforce
in this manner.  Whatever makes their lives easier in getting out
this "developer's preview" is fine by me.

>The other reason to NOT do this in the CVS repository is that it
>will help deemphasize that the DP is NOT a RELEASE.  People should
>not be CVSup'ing hoping to get just that point in time,

To speak about my own bias on this process, I agree completely with
this sentiment.  Four weeks from now, no one should care about the
particular second in time they used to create this rough snapshot.
I see this as more of a dry run for the *process* of creating a
release of 5.0.  It will give us a convenient bootstrap CD for those
who want to try out 5.0, and who also want a bootable CD to do a
clean install of "something in 5.0", because they want to "play
with it a little".  Anyone who thinks they are going to start
tracking current had better *track* current, and not depend on
this particular CD.  It is not a "release".

That describes my opinion on what I expect from this developer's
preview.  I admit that I am not comfortable with using perforce
(or subversion, or <etc>) in some other situations, but I think
it is perfectly reasonable in this situation.

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