In message <p05101511b8bab342dc49@[]>, Garance A Drosihn writes:
>At 8:35 AM -0800 3/17/02, David O'Brien wrote:
>>My earlier concerns about the use of Perforce were when a developers
>>expected other developers to use Perforce for _shared_ development.
>>Or that tried to claim that their code was "published" if it was
>>in the Perforce depot on Freefall.
>Exactly my concerns, too.

I have just started two days ago using P4 to track the sparc64 stuff
and confidently say that contrary to the ill effects I hear people
complain about I have yet to see any signs of hair-loss, lack of
sleep, early aging, republicanism or uncontrollable urges to go to

I can think of many things wrong with P4 and with having a parallel
environment to our CVS tree.

But I also think having a P4 tree where people can colaborate beats
not having it by a large margin.

So could I suggest that the people who are so much against P4 tell
us what the alternative they want us to use is ?

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