On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     It fixed some things, it broke some things.  Pretty much standard
>     fare for anyone who has ever done work on the vm_map lock, including
>     yours truely.  John Dyson couldn't get it right, David Greenman couldn't
>     get it right, I couldn't get it completely right... getting it to do 
>     the right thing even under -stable is difficult, which is why I am
>     suggesting that it simply be made into an exclusive lock in -current.

Hmm.  Ok, so right now the code that has been branched for DP1 makes use
of Brian's recent locking commits.  My original thought was we'd simply
back it out of that branch to make sure that the DP is reliable.  How hard
would it be for us to switch to what you propose (just convert all slocks
into xlocks, and simplify out the upgrade semantics), in particular,
before we cut the DP?  It sounds to me like the right approach is simply
to fall back to lockmgr for the DP, and get these fixes into the main tree
and they'll be there for the next DP in a few months.

Can you take ownership of the task since you clearly know what's going on?
Can I stick your name in the smp web page saying so? :-)

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