>>>>> On Sun, 17 Mar 2002 15:38:48 -0800
>>>>> Maxime Henrion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

mux> Actually, this patch is wrong because it won't ever compile des_enc.S.
mux> Whatever I do, des_enc.c gets compiled and I can't figure out how to
mux> compile a .S file with bsd.kmod.mk.  If someone with more make(1) clue
mux> than me could help out, that would be appreciated.

Did you make sure to do make depend after changing your Makefile?
I tried it and I could reproduce your problem with `make buildkernel
NOCLEAN=YES NO_KERNELDEPEND=YES'.  Then, I tried with `make
buildkernel NOCLEAN=YES', and the problem was gone.


Hajimu UMEMOTO @ Internet Mutual Aid Society Yokohama, Japan

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