With last update of world and ports I'm unable to start XFree86.
I have a matrox G200 (agp) and I have tryed with and without the
WITH_MATROX_GXX_DRIVER=yes but I got only a signal 10, core dump
when starting X.  At the same time I switched my MoBo from tyan
trinity with k6 to a asus p2b-ds dual processor p3/500.
I have a recent system (fresh compile with SMP enabled):

# uname -v
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #24: Sun Mar 17 00:32:04 CET 2002

and I double check all update cycle (make update, buildworld,
buildkernel, installkernel, installworld, mergemaster, reboot)

I removed also _all_ ports and reinstalled them.
Also tryed to recreate a config for XFree from screatch but it
crash always with signal 10 (and sometimes with signal 6).

At this time I am not sure where is (can be?) the problem, mobo,
graphic card, -current or xfree.  Any hint?


PS: My previous message with ACPI info get lost, neither bounced
nor accepted.  And I am using correct local masquerading and my
ISP that has record for reverse resolution also.  Spam from .kr
instead is accepted to list.  Exists any other method for _serious_
user/tester to send to list?  Thanks again.

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