> > Technically, the ELF spec permits the ordering, so the assumptions
> > are really "broken", even though they code for what's really a
> > defacto-standard of many years, now.  8-(.
> Can you be more specific?  To the best of my knowledge, I made no
> assumptions beyond what the spec promised.  The only exception is that
> the dynamic linker relies on the program header being in the first
> page of the file, an assumption shared by the kernel as well.  I don't
> think that assumption is wrong, or nothing would run at all.

I'm going to sound like a prat here, mostly because I don't know
what I'm talking about. :-)

In ports/lang/gcl, a program is "undumped", and the resultant binary
dumps core _very_ early in the startup. I can't get debugging info,
because the undumping also seems to strip the program.

Could you please try that port, and see what you can glean? I'm
frobbing around in xemacs, which works, to see if I can't fix

o       Mark Murray
O.\_    Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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