On 20-Mar-2002 Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Le 2002-03-20, John Baldwin écrivait :
>> Looks mostly ok to me.  Not entirely sure about the autoboot changes
>> as it looks weird to load(kname) right before you change what kname
>> is.  I think the logic must somehow be wrong there.
> But this is what is currently in the code (as I mentioned in the PR,
> 36015 is strictly a code clarification, with no functional change).
> The load() function in boot2 ends with an exec() of the loaded binary.
> It returns only if it has failed. The purpose of replacing kname
> after load() has returned is to try to load /boot/kernel if we have
> failed to load /boot/loader.

I was just saying it looked weird in the old code as well.  Your
explanation helps explain why though.


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