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Alfred Perlstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> alfred      2002/03/19 12:18:46 PST
>  Modified files:
>    sys/sys              acct.h acl.h bio.h buf.h callout.h conf.h 
>                         cons.h disk.h disklabel.h diskslice.h 
>                         domain.h errno.h event.h eventhandler.h 
>                         exec.h fcntl.h file.h filedesc.h imgact.h 
>                         imgact_aout.h imgact_elf.h inflate.h 
>                         interrupt.h ioccom.h ipc.h jail.h 
>                         kernel.h kthread.h ktrace.h libkern.h 
>                         lockf.h lockmgr.h malloc.h md5.h mman.h 
>                         mount.h msg.h msgbuf.h namei.h param.h 
>                         poll.h proc.h protosw.h queue.h 
>                         regression.h resource.h resourcevar.h 
>                         rtprio.h selinfo.h sem.h shm.h signal.h 
>                         signalvar.h socket.h socketvar.h 
>                         soundcard.h stat.h sysctl.h sysent.h 
>                         syslog.h sysproto.h systm.h termios.h 
>                         time.h timeb.h timepps.h times.h timetc.h 
>                         timex.h tty.h types.h uio.h un.h user.h 
>                         vnode.h wait.h 
>  Log:
>  Remove __P

        At least in the case of 'ioccom.h' this commit breaks
the XFree86-server building in the 'drm/kernel' directory.

        The problem is in the '#define ioctl(a,b,c) xf86ioctl(a,b,c)'
which is used by the XFree86 and the __P somehow makes it possible
to build 'xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support/bsd/drm/xf86drm.c'
and now it stops here.


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