After this commit 'device ether' is mandatory if ever there is no any
ethernet or token-ring devices.

| luigi       2002/02/18 14:50:13 PST
|  Modified files:
|    sys/net              if.c
|  Log:
|  When the local link address is changed, send out gratuitous ARPs
|  to notify other nodes about the address change. Otherwise, they
|  might try and keep using the old address until their arp table
|  entry times out and the address is refreshed.
|  Maybe this ought to be done for INET6 addresses as well but i have
|  no idea how to do it. It should be pretty straightforward though.
|  MFC-after: 10 days
|  Revision  Changes    Path
|  1.128     +11 -0     src/sys/net/if.c

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