sgk> Cvsup was run this morning (23 Mar 02) at 0623 PST.
sgk> After the standard "make" sequence and installation 
sgk> of a new kernel.  The following appears during the
sgk> boot process (apologies for long lines).

sgk> Mar 23 09:04:30 12-230-81-20 sm-queue[181]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): fill_fd: 
before readcf: fd 1 not open: Bad file descriptor

This is almost certainly caused by this commit:

  Revision 1.304, Fri Mar 22 23:45:13 2002 UTC by obrien 
  Branch: MAIN 
  CVS Tags: HEAD 
  Changes since 1.303: +5 -5 lines

  Sendmail can be slow to startup.
  So start it in the background to speed up booting.

Apparently, during bootup the tty isn't available to processes started in
the background.  The best thing to do is back out this commit.  In the mean
time, the warnings can be ignored.

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