At 4:34 PM -0800 3/23/02, David wrote:
>On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 05:23:35PM -0700, M. Warner Losh wrote:
>  >
>  > I think we should keep AJ enabled until at least DP2.  It has
>  > found bugs in the past, and I suspect that a lot of new code
>  > is going in between now and then.
>Robert Watson feels that AJ caught bugs early on, but now only
>catches buts in 3rd party programs.  As FreeBSD developers,
>3rd party code cannot be our primary concern.

The recent bug I fixed in login processing (the LOGIN-FAILURES
message) was a problem which was made obvious due to the J.

I wouldn't mind if the A was turned off, but the J still seems
useful to me.  (disclaimer: I used to work on an operating
system which *always* did something similar to J...)

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