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>Something that phk and I have discussed out-of-band is the idea of keying
>phkmalloc behavior to kernel selection.  I.e., exposing a policy sysctl
>from the kernel, keyed to the kernel identity/option, causing phkmalloc to
>behave different based on the kernel selection.  This would allow DEBUG to
>turn on maximal debugging, but GENERIC to have phkmalloc behave "like a

I said this as possible with a sysctl, I still think it is moderately
disgusting though.  You can do the same thing more visible by having
/etc/rc* fiddle /etc/malloc.conf based on uname(1).

>We will actually be offering at least three seperate kernels on the DP cd:
>- GENERIC, which resembles a normal release GENERIC
>- DEBUG, which has uber-debugging features
>- NEWCARD, which offers the NEWCARD feature set

I would expect the three planned DP's to have these properties:

        One DEBUG kernel with:
        One GENERIC kernel with:
                DP1 + DP2: malloc AJ
                DP3: malloc A

Now, I also have to say that I'm not going to do any of this, so
this will be my last email on the topic:  Do whatever you think is
the right thing to do.
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