On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 01:59:56PM -0500, Robert Watson wrote:
> The goal of DP's is to increase exposure of the development branch in some
> key audiences, including the developer community, and community of early
> adopters.  Part of the discussion that lead up to deciding to follow
> through on the DP plan was the perception that many FreeBSD non-kernel
> developers are not running 5.0, and that 5.0 had a "fear" element that
> didn't seem to match with reality.  A part of addressing this is to
> provide a window into which 4.x developers can try out 5.x with a lower
> level of risk: this is why we had something that resembled a code slush,
> and why when greenvm was committed during the code slush, we actually
> backed it out of the DP branch (it was later also backed out of the main
> development branch).  We want to provide a stable and usable version of
> 5.0, in as much as that is possible, to provide access to the new
> features, services, APIs, etc.  We want a reproduceable install that ports
> developers can use to learn more about the changing 5.0 environment, among
> other things.

There is nothing in the above that motivates turning off 'AJ' and
INVARIANTS.  Please address these two issues based on the above which I
do think is what was generally agreed as the motivation for the DP.

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