> vaio@juriy[~]> perldoc open
> /usr/local/bin/pod2man: not found
> Can't open /var/tmp/tmp.0.lXkGaq: File exists at /usr/bin/perldoc line 351.

For some odd reason, it doesn't show up, because the $bindir in:
        src/contrib/perl5/utils/perldoc.PL (line 375)

is changed to (or is) /usr/local/bin.  You can issue yourself a temp.
fix by changing the $bindir variable on line 335 of /usr/bin/perldoc to
/usr/bin. Your final line should look like this:

        open('/usr/bin', 'pod2man'); ... and the rest ...

Although you can make the actual change in the perldoc.PL file and then
rebuild the utilties.. (in /usr/src/contrib/perl5), but this is how it
can be done.. I solved it this way.. but I may be wrong.. ;)

After this, you should be able to run 'perldoc open' nicely without
glitches.. hehe.


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