> Well, what do you want to do? Virtually all of the ACPI bits are exported
> to the hw.acpi sysctl tree.
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apm presents as a commandset which does ... not much. soft-off the box,
sleep mode, thats it.

acpi offers cpu respeed, fan control, thermal management interactions,
better halt-on-lid stuff. I wondered if there was a set of known gotchas
about trying to do any of that stuff, man (9) acpi is a non-existant file
so it doesn't look like its heavily documented yet. acpiconf does the
6 sleep modes (cute, that the usage shows 1|2|3|4|4b|5) but there isn't
much explanation of them, and it doesn't touch the fan, or the thermal stuff.

since the systems config still includes apm controls, I am assuming that
we keep both, but people need to be warned|told which are 'safe' and what
happens if you enable apm and acpi simultaneously.

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