thomas> Hum. If we make the assumption that non-Sendmail-users use some
thomas> other MTA installed through a port or locally, then I guess that
thomas> MTA should be expected to be started from a /usr/local/etc/rc.d script,
thomas> so maybe the new variable mta_startup_script is overkill.

They can set mta_start_script to "" (or unset it) in /etc/rc.conf.  Also,
if it's not present (due to NO_SENDMAIL), it will be ignored automatically.

The benefit of this new method is it is "sendmail-clean" and allows for
future MTAs (whether through new packaging or via the ports) to have a

thomas> One thing or the other, it would be nice to have that coordinated
thomas> with the maintainers of the various MTA ports:

Once things settle down, I'll get in contact with them (and Warner and
Bruce).  Hopefully at least some of them are seeing this discussion.

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