Another thing to look at is the /usr/sbin/sendmail -> mailwrapper link that is
produced from installworld. In current it seems to have been linking that, even
when NO_SENDMAIL=yes in make.conf. Qmail et al. overwrite this with their own
workalike (since /usr/sbin/sendmail is a 'standard' these days) local mailer. 
I dunno if -stable has this problem too.


Thus spoke Yeasah Pell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, and it was proclaimed:

> This appears to address all of my concerns directly relating to sendmail in
> one relatively simple and well thought out patch. I think this sort of
> insulation is valuable to everybody, including those who currently *do* use
> sendmail.
> Well done!
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> From: "Gregory Neil Shapiro" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Given that non-sendmail users will be inconvenienced when upgrading due to
> > the 8.12 changes (need to change sendmail_enable from "NO" to "NONE"), I
> > thought it might be better to give them something back for their trouble.
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