Matthew Jacob wrote:
> Neither is really applicable here. The actual limits for alpha depend on the
> platforma and how you implement it. Typically, the bigger alphas have been
> implemented with a 2GB direct mapped window, and then, if they have it, a S/G
> map setup for the rest (if any) of memory, which also can include ISA mapping.

Thanks for the clarification.  I was confusing BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE

It's probably too late to rename BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE to something

> The current Alpha 2.4.18 Linux implementation is quite happy to DMA to > 4GB
> on quite a few alphas.

Ah.  Reference code.

> BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE seems to be related to the 'largest xfer you will be allowed
> to do at one time'- which is wrong because MAXPHYS is larger.

Yeah, I get that now.  No need to beat me up, I can take care
of it myself.  8-) 8-).

-- Terry

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