>> a single buffer.  I never realized that there was such controversy
>> over this value... it was just put in so that I could have something
>> for the non-GNUC case.
>Yeah, but, uh, it'll blow up in one's face.....

If it gets compiled, I suppose so.

>The question I have is what *should* we be using? Should BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE be
>bumped up so that any dma allocation we attempt for a platform will fit within

I think it should go away.  We should malloc space to hold the segments in
the leaf dma tags and base that size on the information in the tag.  The
segments would only be allocated on the first dma_map_create call on a
tag so that intermediate (i.e. non-leaf) tags never have this stuff allocated.

>I mean, it's used in a lot of places, so clearly it must mean something,
>right? What are the semantics here?

Is it really used in a lot of places?  I've always used the "bit sized"
versions of MAXSIZE in my driver code, never the ambiguous one. 8-)


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