BTW, not that this is particularly related to startup scripts, but -- I
found it quite frustrating that due to a transient failure at submission
time, my mail went into /var/spool/clientmqueue, for which you have to
use "mailq -Ac", which is pretty much completely undocumented.  It
turned out OK because there was actually a daemon there whose job it
was to process that queue, but from a user experience point of view,
sending mail, having it talk about a transient failure and that it
was queued, and then not having that message show up in "mailq" was
fairly astonishing (and stress-inducing until I found the "other"

Anyway, that was really a long way of saying: should this be documented
somewhere?  Like, prominently in the mailq man page?

And, addressing the initial failure itself: apparently I need to add
O ResolverOptions=WorkAroundBrokenAAAA and my masquerading options
to; are there any plans to add per-host handling
(i.e. a SENDMAIL_MC equivalent) to /etc/mail/Makefile?  Is there any
general advice on what MC stuff goes where at this point (e.g. does
the masquerading stuff only go in, or should it also be in, etc.)


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