At 11:27 PM +0200 4/5/02, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>For the life of me I cannot understand why we feel the
>need to whine like that at any root which crosses our
>way, so unless somebody can explain to me why this is
>vital, I'll commit the following patch.

There are times when it has been useful to me to have
the messages show up immediately on a root-login window,
instead of at some later time when I happen to read
/var/log/messages.  Of course, there are other times
when it absolutely infuriates me when some dumb message
pops up in the middle of what I'm doing -- particularly
if it's a message triggered by something I'm testing.

As to your patch, how about leaving the line for *.alert
there, but commented out.  That would just leave it as
an example to show how syslog messages can go to a
logged-in user.

But when I saw the subject for this thread, I admit I was
hoping you meant something different.  Is there any good
way we could say "send to a root login on ttyv0, but NOT
to root logged onto any other device"?  That way, when I
wouldn't mind syslog spamming me, I could login to the
first virtual terminal, and when I didn't want it I could
log into any of the other ones.  I guess I'm asking for a
new "action type", something like:

    *.alert                     root@/dev/ttyv0

or maybe just

    *.alert                     root@ttyv0

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