On  8 Apr, David O'Brien wrote:

>> yesterday I've made a new world. After booting it, ld-elf-so.1 complains 
>> about every library (libc, libutil, ...). My -current is not usable 
>> anymore because of this.
> Defined "complains".  freebsd-current readers should know to spend EXACT
> error messages.

Something about a missing or wrong ELF header. I thought it was a
general problem so everyone would see it, but it turned out to be a
problem in the ata driver. After turning off tagged queuing everything
was fine. I'm not the only one with problems with tagged queuing.

Søren, as a data point: a Mar 12 kernel was fine for me, a Mar 27 kernel
too, but a Apr 6-8 kernel spills alot of tag related errors (I think you
already have those errors from someone else, no need to repeat them
here) and goes into PIO mode after some time. Turning of tagged queuing


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