It seems Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> On  9 Apr, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> >> Søren, as a data point: a Mar 12 kernel was fine for me, a Mar 27 kernel
> >> too, but a Apr 6-8 kernel spills alot of tag related errors (I think you
> >> already have those errors from someone else, no need to repeat them
> >> here) and goes into PIO mode after some time. Turning of tagged queuing
> >> works.
> > 
> > Yes, I'm aware of some having problems with tags, but I cant seem
> > to reproduce the problem here no matter what I try...
> I first had problems to reproduce it too, but yesterday I got hit by it.
> Do you want my complete system configuration (kernel config, dmesg) to
> perhaps try to reproduce it with a specific -current (cvs ... -D
> 200204080900) in your lab?

Sure, anything that can get me to get my hands on the problem..


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