On 10 Apr, Bruce Evans wrote:

>>  * XXX
>>  * Compensate for gcc 1 vs gcc 2.  Gcc 1 defines ?sh?di3's second argument
>>  * as u_quad_t, while gcc 2 correctly uses int.  Unfortunately, we still use
>>  * both compilers.

>> Is this still valid? Does someone really use gcc 1 to compile FreeBSD?
> This became invalid before FreeBSD-2.0 was released.
> Most special cases to support gcc's before approx 2.7 are now bogus.
> Unlike the above, most of them are just for optimizations or for better
> diagnostics, so removing them shouldn't break compiling with old versions
> of gcc any more than not having the for other C compilers breaks compiling
> with other C compilers.

Thank you, I will remove them in my icc patches.


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