In giving the iso 5.0-DP1 a try I ran into the following.  I have a
clean and was wanting to create a simple trust between two systems
using rsh and /.rhosts authentication (yea, i know rsh is bad but our
silly software can run over ssh yet).  So, I did the usual steps:

  created /root/.rhosts with an entry as follows: root

  and of course "chmod 600 /root/.rhosts"

  uncommented the following line from /etc/inetd.conf
        shell   stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/rshd rshd

  and fired up inetd:

        clienthost#> inetd -wW

  I've done this a million times but on the 5.0-DP1 system, the
following occurs:

        orrie@trustedhost> sudo rsh clienthost echo foo
        rshd: Login incorrect.
  As you can see, I get the error "rshd: Login incorrect".  I removed
the /etc/hosts.allow so it is not a tcp wrapper issue and nothing is
special in /etc/login.conf - it is a base ports even.  Now
here is the odd thing.  If I replace /usr/libexec/rshd with an rshd
binary from a FreeBSD 4.5 box and make the following link (needed since
a 4.5 rshd binary needs to link to it):

        ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

  The above "sudo rsh clienthost echo foo" command works fine.  So, it
seems like something with the 5.0-DP1 rshd.  I didn't see anything
special in the man page that changed rshd's functionality.  Can
someone point out where I'm being stupid?


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