I've just installed the DP1 snapshot on my laptop, and, so far, I'm very
happy with it. I haven't experienced a single hang or problem with the
system, even though my kernel is compiled without WITNESS and
INVARIANTS. I've stress tested the system by building all software using
ports, testing the background fsck and so on. Everything runs fine. The
only two things that prevented this from being a perfect experience were
(and not really the system's fault)

- Somehow XF4.x that one can install from sysinstall now doesn't like
  the 8bit display from this computer, and all the window managers I
  installed had problems allocating colours with it (xfce, fvwm-themes,
  fluxbox). Installing 3.3.6 solved the problem.

- If possible, I think it would be nice if a newcard.flp floppy image
  was included in future snapshots and maybe in the 5.0-R cdrom and ftp
  files, a la NetBSD's laptop floppy images, so users of CARDBUS nics
  can do a net install without having to use a PCCARD device first.

As I said, other than these two minor giltches, a very smooth install.
Kudos to all that work on this.

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