On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 11:36:49AM -0700, Seth Hettich wrote:
> Trying to update to -current, in SU mode, doing the make installworld:
> [ ! -e /usr/bin/passwd ] || echo foo
> will make sh die
> This is even with the "new" sh from my buildworld (I am running the new
> kernel).
> Ideas?

Are you upgrading from -stable to -current? I had that same problem. My
(crap) workaround, was to create a Makefile for the points were sh
failed (iirc was chpass and some other command) that looked like this:

all: install

        echo foo

That enabled me to successfully installworld, I took note of the faulty
places and installed them afterwards. I know it's not the 'kosher'
solution, but it worked for me.

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