I suffered a system crash earlier today running -current from April 10. 
  I have a Vinum volume set up as a mirror, and during the reboot, I had 
to fsck it.  Everything seemed normal (at least that's what I thought), 
but now my volume cannot be mounted.  The output from 'vinum list' is as 

2 drives:
D a                     State: up       /dev/da3s1e     A: 0/12288 MB (0%)
D b                     State: up       /dev/da4s1e     A: 0/12288 MB (0%)

1 volumes:
V mirror                State: down     Plexes:       2 Size:         11 GB

2 plexes:
P mirror.p0           C State: faulty   Subdisks:     1 Size:         11 GB
P mirror.p1           C State: faulty   Subdisks:     1 Size:         11 GB

2 subdisks:
S mirror.p0.s0          State: crashed  D: a            Size:         11 GB
S mirror.p1.s0          State: crashed  D: b            Size:         11 GB

The fact that it says the drives have 0% used greatly concerns me. 
Before I delve into this any further, is that a sign that everything I 
had is just gone?  Or is there some hope of recovery?  There is nothing 
in /var/log/vinum_hitsory or /var/log/messages that gives me any insight 
into what went wrong.


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