I'm getting this on a recent machine that has been upgraded from 4.5 
to a -current today

o over.o text.o script.o mark.o other.o delim.o sqrt.o pile.o 
special.o /usr/obj
make: don't know how to make neqn. Stop
*** Error code 2

I'm not getting this on a machine that's been running -current for a 
while.  I was able to do one buildworld from 4.5-STABLE to -current, 
but after that I keep getting this?  Let me know if anyone else has 
seen this.  About 2 hours after I started seeing this, I removed 
/usr/src and cvsup'd and I still get it.  Any ideas?

David W. Chapman Jr.
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[EMAIL PROTECTED]       FreeBSD Committer <www.FreeBSD.org>

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