Glenn Gombert wrote:
> I have seen the same message on a couple FreeBSD systems that I run over
> the last several months, but they both seem to be running fine. I was
> wondering if it was a 'hack attempt' of somekind over my DSL line....

You should read the code in /sys/i386/i386/machdep.c ...

It means that you have received an ARP before the soft interrupt
handler for it has been registered.



Probably it has to do with the use of interrupt threads in -current
screwing up the order of initialization.

What it means is that you "lost" an ARP response prior to the
protocol handler for the NETISR being registered.

Depending on whether or not the ARP request will be retried,
this may cause a problem.  Most likely, it's a response to an
ARP sent out by your machine for DHCP in order to obtain the
DHCP server.

Given the context posted by someone else, this means things are
being done in the wrong order in the kernel for dhclient... which
basically means that it will just have to retry.  This is consistent
with them not complaining about not being able to get a DHCP lease,
which would be the symptom you'd expect, if this were a persistent

In any case, it's *not* indicative of someone trying to hack you,
unless what they are doing is spoofing DHCP responses to get you
on an unroutable address on your local segment, so that your packets
go through them, and they can man-in-the-middle attack you.

-- Terry

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