> Hello.
> > brian       2002/03/30 04:30:11 PST
> >   Modified files:
> >     usr.sbin/ppp         Makefile async.c async.h atm.c bundle.c 
> >                          ccp.c ccp.h chap.c chap.h chat.c 
> >                          command.c datalink.c datalink.h defs.c 
> >                          defs.h ether.c exec.c i4b.c lcp.c lcp.h 
> >                          main.c mppe.c physical.c physical.h 
> >                          route.c tcp.c tty.c udp.c 
>                       :
> >   1.126     +13 -17    src/usr.sbin/ppp/bundle.c
> In the 6th chunk, a decrement to bundle.unit after succeeding ID0kldload()
> is lost. This results in the unit number of tun device set to 1(tun1)
> instead of 0(tun0) when if_tun.ko is not yet kldload'ed() before ppp is
> invoked. If I exit from ppp and start it again, ppp uses tun0, leaving
> tun1 behind. After that and receiving a few megabytes, I've experienced
> a mysterious panic (getnewvnode: free vnode isn't). The panic itself, though,
> is something similar to that I'm always seeing whenever I didn't kill
> pccardd before doing acpiconf -s3, so it might be unrelated to this issue.
> Anyway, a patch is attached.
> Regards.

Committed - thanks.  I'd seen that it was doing this, but hadn't got 
around to tracking it down :*)

I don't think the vnode thing is associated.  That's probably a 
locking problem that jhb may (or may not) have fixed already.
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