On 15 Apr, Søren Schmidt wrote:

> Again that has *nothing* to do with the DTLA drives and DMA speed
> and the phase of the moon...

But perhaps it depends on the distance between the drive and the
nordpole... the ones with the problems are all more far away from it
than you... ;-)

> But it shows (as we already know) that using tags on any drive
> that supports it, can fail on some systems.

More strangely: it worked for me a lot longer than for other people. The
first kernel which showed the problem to me was a Apr 8(?) kernel,
Martin Schündehütte complained already with a Mar xx (xx < 28) kernel in

>> I wonder if limiting outstanding tagged commands to less than the
>> number advertised by the drive would also work... can't be worse
>> than the initialization reordering patch that failed (e.g the
>> worst case is it still has the problems).  A lot safer than banging
>> bits in the firmware, I'm sure, though...
>> Limiting the outstanding tagged commands to less than the advertised
>> amount would actually be my first choice of a hack for a software
>> workaround.
> Thats not the problem either, the problem is that I apparently
> changed some subtle bits that make it fail on some systems, regardless
> of controller and disk type, but which is marginal enough that I
> cant reproduce the problem here in the lab...

What about Brian's offer to give you access to his machine? Isn't this
enough in this case to play a little bit?


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