Good afternoon
After upgrading FREEBSD to version 4.5 STABLE can't make any port.
Always it's stoped with error:

Error: your port uses an old layout.  Please update it to match this
.  If you have updated your ports collection via cvsup and are still
getting thi
s error, see Q12 and Q13 in the cvsup FAQ on
for further
*** Error code 1

I've downloaded new ports by CVSUP but problem remains.

*default  base=/usr                   
*default  prefix=/usr                 
*default  release=cvs tag=.           
*default  delete use-rel-suffix       
*default  compress                    
ports-all release=cvs

 How can I fix this problem?

Best regards,
Vadim Zaychenko   
ICQ: 92369162

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