--- Gary Stanley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sysinstall - post configure and re-do your mouse. The only workaround I 
> have found.

The other way, is to edit your XF86Config to point to 
/dev/pcm0 (if you are using a PS2 mouse), or /dev/sioN (N being the COM port
number), which gives XFree86 direct access to your mouse.  But remember, if
you do this, you will need to disable the moused from Sysinstall.

> >When I start XFree86 I get the error that /dev/mouse can't be found, OK 
> >devfs seems to be installd so MAKEDEV dosn't exist anymore, is there 
> >anyway to get /dev/mouse working as in FreeBSD 4?

Technically the MAKEDEV script still exists in src/etc/MAKEDEV*, but it
is only copied to /dev if you have disabled the DEVFS k-option, afaik.

  -- Hiten Pandya

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