On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 11:11:36AM +0200, Nick Hibma wrote:
> device_set_ivars is always called (in usbd_probe_and_attach) with as an
> argument a stack variable. Also, the ivar is not stored or anything in
> the if_aue.c driver. So this problem sounds like a problem in revisions
> of various files.
> Please check that your kernel modules kernel are in sync. Do this by
> rebuilding the kernel and the modules from scratch.
> Also, after you've installed your kernel check that all your kernel
> files have been updated. Do you by any chance have a stale /modules or
> /boot/modules directory lying around? You should have only kernel
> modules in /boot/kernel*/ and NOT in /modules* or /boot/modules*.
> If the problem persists, please mail me the output of
>       ident /sys/dev/usb/*.[ch]
>       find /modules /boot -type f -ls


You really should talk to Joe Karthauser.  He's already confirmed
that it *is* an issue in the code (and not any kind of
misconfiguration on my part).  I've already spent enough time
debugging the problem.  I recently MFC'd the support for my
device to -stable so I could use the machine on the network
without it panicking on me.  However, when Joe fixes the problem
I will give it another shot [same machine has -CURRENT on another
partition that I use for occasional hacking].

Thanks for the suggestions, though.


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