I have been reading the (well actually, "looking at"
may be more acurate..

some minor comments..

ng_btsocket.c: unmodified: line 674
        sbappendrecord(&pcb->so->so_snd, m);
        m = m_dup(m, M_TRYWAIT);
        if (m == NULL) { 
                error = ENOBUFS;
                goto drop1;

you are m_dup'ing an mbuf you have given away to the socket layer.
on an SMP system this may already be destroyed by the time
you do the m_dup() in fact if the sbappendrecord() fails
due to a full queue, it may already be invalid...
(I think)

also all functions should be 'prototype format'
static int
ng_btsocket_peeraddr(so, nam)
        struct socket    *so;
        struct sockaddr **nam;
should be:
static int
ng_btsocket_peeraddr(struct socket *so, struct sockaddr **nam)

__P() is now "deprecated" and should not be used in new code.

Your idea of making a special bluetooth socket type, implemented by
a Netgraph node is interesting. Maybe we should it easier to do this
by extending the netgraph socket type with the ability to
make sockets of arbitrary types... i.e. register a node type that acts
as a 'subtype' of the 'socket' type, and inherrits generic 
socket behaviour, but allow the 'child type' to specify 
other parts to replace normal behaviour.. I guess we would need to see a
few more cases of this done before we could deduce what is 
likely to be a good candidate for abstraction.

you ask:
                 * XXX FIXME/VERIFY i assume here that "hook" is a pointer
                 * to the local hook we have received message from. For
                 * L2CAP messages "hook" is required.

This is true for 5.0
in 4.x there is no such thing as an arrival hook for a message.
You should however not assume that it is non-NULL. test it in
normal running code.. not in a KASSERT. There are transitional moments
(during shutdown for example) when a message may arrive without a hook,
in fact a malicious user might force that to happen at any time by 
simply send ing that message directly to the ID of the node.
For messages passed by a neighbour via a hokk the hook field will be
filled in but there are other ways that you may get a message.

[out of time for now.. will read more later]


On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

> Folks,
> [probably should be cc'd to -mobile as well]
> An engineering release of Bluetooth stack for -current FreeBSD
> is available for download at
> http://www.geocities.com/m_evmenkin/ngbt-fbsd-20020415.tar.gz
> i'm interested to hear from people who familiar with FreeBSD
> kernel, Netgraph and/or Bluetooth. all your questions/comments/
> suggestions are accepted and greatly appreciated. this is my
> first Netgraph stack, so please don't me hard :)
> thanks,
> max
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