It seems Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> On 18 Apr, Doug Barton wrote:
> > Given the impending 4.6-release, might it make sense to back off ata in
> > -stable to the last known-good state?
> We have some time until the code freeze, so give him some days to track
> it down. If he is able to fix it: fine, else he can still back it out.

I'll see what I can do, but my time is VERY limitted for the next 2-3 weeks,
if I get any spare time at all...

However, if its decided to back out whats in -stable, remember that it
will bring ATA support back to what was in 4.5, which will severely
reduce our chipset support etc, which is alot worse IMNHO.

The right solution would be to just disable tagged queing, and state that
in the docs, but I'm not the RE@ :)


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