On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Hiten Pandya wrote:

> --- Robert Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I've had four seperate and distinct panics on my -current box from
> > yesterday in the last twenty minutes.  -CURRENT appears to be somewhat
> > unstable.  Yes, this is -CURRENT; please wear a hard hat and avoid
> > manipulating critical data using you -CURRENT box until things settle
> > down. 
> I have been seeing a 'witness_get exhausted' message for quite a long
> time.  I have disabled SMP on my kernel as of now, but still have to
> figure out where and why this message is coming. 

Dunno what version of -CURRENT you are using, but in theory John's recent
mutex class commits should help with that by reducing the number of locks
that WITNESS has to treat as unique.  If this is still happening on a
-CURRENT from the last two days, you may want to drop him an e-mail.  The
output of vmstat -m might also be useful, since locks are usually
associated with structures, and some indication of the quantity of
structures should help identify what locks are being over-used.  The
output from the ddb 'show witness' command may also be useful.

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