On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, kai ouyang wrote:

>  options         UFS_EXTATTR
>  options         UFS_EXTATTR_AUTOSTART
>  options         UFS_ACL
Now you have to create backing storage for extended attributes, ALC in
your case. This can be achieved by the following commands:
# cd /
# mkdir .attribute .attribute/system
# cd .attribute/system
# extattrctl initattr -p / 388 posix1e.acl_access
# extattrctl initattr -p / 388 posix1e.acl_default

>  For example, I has a user name Jack, who is a wheel member.
>  I want to deny him to access /boot/, how can I do?
After reboot you will have the ability to set acls on your root
filesystem. So issue the command:
# setfacl -m u:Jack: /boot

and check it with getfacl /boot. The output should be like:

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