On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Gregory Neil Shapiro wrote:

> This could lead to security problems.

        Yes, I stipulated that.

> Although I really would prefer that people who are building from source pay
> attention to things like the handbook section on what to do when building
> from source:

        We all prefer that. :) The fact is, users don't do it.

> I guess that is too much to ask for.  IMHO, the best solution for that
> group of people would be to move the creation of /var/spool/clientmqueue to
> a separate mtree file and use it in src/etc/Makefile's distribution target:
> .if !defined(NO_SENDMAIL)
>       mtree -deU -f ${.CURDIR}/mtree/sendmail.root.dist -p ${DESTDIR}/
> .endif
> This solves the NO_SENDMAIL case.

        I like this idea a lot. Wish I'd thought of it. :)

> For users who are using sendmail, the
> users really do need to exist before an installworld for the reasons given
> above.  So my solution would be to change the installworld: target in
> src/Makefile.inc1:
> - installworld:
> + installworld: installcheck

        I like this idea too. I am perfectly happy to have my whole
suggestion shot down as long as it leads to some creative thought about
this problem. The status quo is doomed to failure. If you need any help
with this stuff, just let me know.

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