"Marc G. Fournier" wrote:
> Over the past week, I've been trying to get information on how to fix a
> server that panics with:
> | panic: vm_map_entry_create: kernel resources exhausted
> | mp_lock = 01000001; cpuid = 1; lapic.id = 01000000
> | boot() called on cpu#1
> Great ... but, how do I determine what 'resources' I need to increase to
> avoid that crash?  I've tried increasing maxusers from 512->1024, but *if*
> that works, I imagine I'm raising a bunch of limits (and using memory)
> that I don't have to ...
> The server is a Dual-CPU PIII-1Ghz with 3Gig of RAM and ~3Gig of swap
> space right now ... the data drive is 5x18gig drives in a RAID5
> configuration (hardware RAID, not vinum) ...

You have more memory than you can allocate kernel memory to
provide page table entries for.

The only solution is to increase your kernel virtual address
space size to accomodate the page mappings.

How to do this varies widely by the version of FreeBSD you are
using, and, unless you read "NOTES" and are running a recent
-current, is not incredibly well documented, and requires an
understanding of how the virtual address space is laid out and
managed (which is also not well documented anywhere).

-- Terry

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