As I upgraded my current and 4-stable boxes to recent ones, I noticed
that eval `tset -s` no longer works on the stock tcsh.

It gives error message such as ``Missing ].''

I tried to figure out what is going wrong and here's my finding:

1. If an open brace is included in the string to be executed through
   the command substitution mechanism (i.e. enclosed in ``'), any `{'
   and `[' that appear after the first occurrence of `{' (including
   this first one) is not escaped even when the shell variable noglob
   is set.  So, for example, the following doesn't work:

% eval `tset -s`

2. This doesn't happen if you give name of the file that contains the
   same string to tcsh as the command-line argument.  So, for example,
   the following works:

% tset -s > tset.out
% tcsh tset.out

This is all I have been able to find out, and I don't have much clue
where to look into.  Or, has there been any change to tcsh which
causes this problem?


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