On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:

> No, there's no stats collected on this stuff, because it's a pretty
> obvious and straight-forward thing: you have to have a KVA space large
> enough that, once you subtract out 4K for each 4M of physical memory and
> swap (max 4G total for both), you end up with memory left over for the
> kernel to use, and your limits are such that the you don't run out of
> PTEs before you run out of mbufs (or whatever you plan on allocating).

God, I'm glad its straightforwards :)

Okay, first off, you say "(max 4G total for both)" ... do you max *total*
between the two, or phy can be 4g *plus* swap can be 4g for a total of 8g?

For instance, right now, I have 3Gig of physical and ~3gig of swap
allocated ...

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