<<On Sun, 21 Apr 2002 20:17:29 +0200 (SAT), John Hay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

>> > expr -lgrove : -l\(.*\)
>> > expr -- -L/export/ports/textproc/jade/work/jade-1.2.1/lib/.libs : -l\(.*\)

>> > If we are going to leave this behaviour, we will have to teach libtool
>> > how to call expr(1) differently on -stable and -current and it looks
>> > like yet again different from the rest of the world. :-(((

No, you just have to teach libtool to properly protect the arguments
to expr(1).  libtool 1.4 does this for some numeric operations, but
not for string parsing.  expr(1) goes into some detail about this, but
the simple answer is:

        expr "X$arg" : 'X-l\(.*\)'

is what's required.  (There is nothing special about the character
`X', other than it not being a hyphen.)

I have just committed code to expr which will cause it to behave more
like the old expr did in the presence of an EXPR_COMPAT environment
variable.  Ports can then be set up to build with this variable
defined until the libtool maintainers fix up their act.


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